Saturday, April 4, 2015

Once again, please don't make me doubt my previous treatment

In 2010, a new study came out showing that women with breast cancer and one or two positive lymph nodes who did not have all axillary nodes removed, fared just as well as women who had them all removed.

When I had my breast cancer surgery, I had one tiny microscopic positive lymph node. Because of that, and my history of cancer, I had all my lymph nodes removed under my left arm and now  have lymphedema.

So this stupid survey in 2010 showed that the treatment I had was over treatment and not needed. Thank you.

However I got the standard treatment at the time so I shouldn't be cranky about this. But it does irk me. I mean seriously irk me. How-could-they-not-know-they-were-going-to-cause-me-life-long-issues-as-a-side-effect-of-an-unnecessary-surgery? THIS-DRIVES-ME-CRAZY!

Okay, deep breath. I think I got that out of me. For now.

But seriously, I know medical research is there to teach us new things that give us progress in treatment and advancement for future patients but I hate to find out what I had was not needed. It then makes me wonder how much else of my past treatments were not so good as well. They were all done with the best of intentions, at the time. Damn-it-all! (See not quite.)

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Becky said...

I think watching episode 2 of the cancer movie helped me deal this this type of information. I think to the women who underwent radical mastectomies when they thought the only way to cure breast cancer was radical surgery - and I think of the women who courageously stood up and said stop ... this is barbaric treatment isn't working ... but I've also learned to never look back ... we make the best decisions we can at the time ... and cannot change the past, so must focus on the future ... but I agree, it sucks to learn about over treatment ...

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