Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Those other second opinions

So you get diagnosed with any not-so-fun ailment because you had some tests and the radiologists or pathologists read your results and told your doctor what the diagnosis was. However, as a new study points out, not all test results are black and white.

This new study found that pathologists only agreed 75% of the time when reviewing breast biopsy results, until they met and discussed the results. The study recommends in the end that perhaps a second opinion is warranted if the results are not clear cut. Sometimes your doctor can be the one who gives the second opinion but other times, you may need a second pathologist to review the results.

I had never thought about this ever. I know I have had x-rays, biopsies, scans, etc where the doctor has added comments to what the radiologist or pathologist has said. When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid, my rheumatologist waited to get back to me on the results of my x-rays because she wanted a specific radiologist to review them because they were very good at detecting RA in x-rays.

But I had never thought of asking if I could have a second pathologist or radiologist look at my biopsy or scan results. It would never have occurred to me. But it completely makes sense. If something is subjective at all, maybe more than one person should look at it. A new point to ponder. And this study also says to ask your insurance company if this is covered... which sounds like some might cover the second opinion.

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