Monday, April 6, 2015

Back to the real world

I feel very out of touch. Its not that I have been on vacation or anything. I have been home sick since Thursday March 26. That would be ten days ago. I finally felt decent yesterday but apparently still sound horrible. My right ear clogged as well. But I feel fine.

I have a lot to do at work today. Work that has to be done today as well because there is a meeting too. I will be busy. I hope to survive the day and then even make it to the gym - where I haven't been since Wednesday March 25.

In addition to staying home from work, I feel like I have been hibernating and not talking to anyone but my husband. Well I have been on the phone with some people but its not like seeing and talking to people, just being around other people.

I find many ailments isolating, not just colds and ear infections. But anytime you aren't feeling well, you feel like crawling into bed and staying there until you feel better. But if its an ailment that isn't going away anytime soon, your pajamas become your favorite outfit.

But now that I feel good (for a while at least) I have to get to work and enjoy not being isolated. And I don't even have a doctor appointment until Thursday.

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Tracy Mueller said...

Hi Caroline! I'd like to invite you to our Spring Blogger Summit for Susan G. Komen next month. Is it possible you could provide me with your email address so that I can send you the invitation?

Thanks so much!

Tracy Mueller
(on behalf of Susan G. Komen)

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