Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are You Cured?

While leaving the hospital yesterday, I followed this car out. While rounding all the corners in the parking garage, I couldn't help wondering what they could be cured of, or what it would take me to get a similar license plate.

I do not consider myself cured of either cancer. They are just in hiding right now. Actually, if you can tell me there is not a single cancer cell left in my body I would consider myself cured but since there are no guarantees in Cancerland, I'm not cured.

Also there are no cures for rheumatoid or fibromyalgia, or degenerating disks. So I clearly wouldn't consider myself cured yet.

This lead me to wonder, when do you consider yourself cured? Or at what point are you cured? I mean skip the common cold. You get a cold, you get over it - that means cured. Or a broken bone eventually heals and you are good to go, so that would make you cured. Or is 'cured' the wrong word to use there?

If you have an organ transplant are you cured after that? As far as I know, you are then on antirejection meds for a long time and would require frequent medical care. But does that make you cured? You could have cataracts and then have surgery, are you cured then? That I would think.

Too much to ponder this early in the day. But I do welcome other's thoughts on this.

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