Saturday, February 20, 2016

I ran out 'rest' before I ran out of 'week'

I had a tough week. I didn't have enough time to rest. It was very difficult. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm and then got ten hours of sleep. I may need a nap later. (The cats don't understand that I need to sleep.)

This was my week: Monday was a holiday and we had house guests. Tuesday I didn't go anywhere but I got a lot done at home and got up with my husband and made him lunch before he left for work at 7. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the electrician was here. While I greatly appreciate having a house where all the outlets work, having outside outlets and exterior lights, as well as ceiling lights in all the rooms, I had to get up and be dressed long before he got here at 830 am. All three days I went out and ran errands for a few hours when he was here.

You think that sounds like nothing. But it was hard for me. To help you understand, the biggest issue I face on a day to day basis is not pain, it is fatigue. (Except when pain decides its time to rule and I am miserable.) You can treat pain with medications, therapy, and more. You cannot treat fatigue. There is no magic pill for fatigue. You need to lie down to recover from fatigue and wait until you feel better. And that takes time. Lots of time. And I felt weird about taking a nap while the electrician was here.

Today my plans are to give my husband a list of stuff he could take care of and then stay in bed for a few more hours. I have a new stack of books from the library, a DVR full of shows to watch, and cats who like to snuggle. I also want to get to a friend's estate sale to provide moral support but that will have to be a bit later. We will then go out to dinner and I will again go to bed early. And I hope to sleep later again tomorrow. And take another nap.

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