Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stupid blood work

I get blood work done all the time, or so it feels. Actually its about every two months for one doctor, every six months (or two or six weeks if there is a medication change for another), and then for anyone else who wants it. Sometimes I feel like there is a vampire who wants my blood.

Yesterday I had to go for blood work for one doctor's appointment next week and for another doctor's follow up request. I can't just go for blood work. I need to plan its so its before my weekly injections. Anyway I got the results this morning.

My thyroid tests are way off. This means my endocrinologist will call and probably want to change my dosage or at least have questions for me since the last time I had this test done my results were completely different than this or from the time before. Think yoyo results.

My CBC is partly okay and partly worse than normal. My MTX levels (the blood work you need with on methotrexate for my rheumatoid) are also partly okay and partly worse than normal. This means my rheumatologist may also make changes when I see her next week. Both changes, if they happen, will require additional blood work to follow the results.

I hate going for blood work. Its complicated (see above). I hate needles. They can only use one arm so options are limited. I have scrawny veins in my elbow so sometimes they have to 'look around'. Or if they wimp out, they use the big vein on the back of my hand - which is painful. Then I get to play the 'let's see what the latest results are' game and see if I need more medication changes. And go for more blood work.

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