Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finding more rest

Yesterday I did not over do things at all. I did not go help a friend as planned (she didn't need me), I ran a few errands and mostly stayed home. I took a nap. I snoozed, not completely asleep, nor really awake, for an hour and a half. Then I finally felt better and we went out to dinner. After we came home, I went to bed. I woke up when Evil Kitty bit my toes.

However, I am not out of the woods yet. I need to keep up on my rest level up.

Getting behind on rest is like getting behind on pain for me. I know you can't really catch upon sleep but I can get catch up on rest, sort of. If I stretch myself too thin, I can compensate by resting more to feel better. This is my goal for the day. Its not medical science or anything but it does make me feel better.

After all these years I know my body, better and better. Its just when a medical hiccough kicks in and messes me up that I have issues. I have learned the value of a good night's sleep and resting as needed to get me through my days. Do you remember having to take naps as a child? And hating them??? I now appreciate them! And just lying down for most of the day.

But in some ways I am a little old lady...  Who is 37.... Still.

Fatigue sucks. Did anyone find a cure for it yet?

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