Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My doctor confused me

I went for blood work last week for two doctors. As usual I got the results the next day, or so I thought. This morning I got more blood work results back. And I don't understand them.

These are more thyroid blood tests. Originally I got my TSH level back. Then this morning I got T4, thyroglobulin AB and thyroglobulin. I didn't get my T3 levels. I don't always get all these thyroid tests done so I don't understand them as well as my TSH levels.

And why all of a sudden do I get all these blood tests? To be fair, the hospital switched to a new computer system last year with a patient portal where I get my test results directly instead of getting them from my doctor's office or the records office. So maybe they did these tests and I just wasn't aware.

So it means I definitely need to call my doctor about them.... But I'll give her until the end of the week to contact me first.

I think its a vast medical conspiracy to confuse the patients. I have been blogging about this for years. If you can't cure them, confuse them.

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