Saturday, February 13, 2016

Is it too early for a nap?

I am already back in bed, exhausted. I need a nap.

Yesterday I did too much and was running around all day. I went to bed early and wanted to sleep late. My husband was great and got up quietly.

The (good) cat was another story. He came into the bedroom at 515 AM meowing for me. When he is upset at all, he needs to find me to make him happy again. He is not good about being quiet with this. Its a behavior change since he had his big adventure and was lost for 9 days.

All that it means to me is that its 10 AM and I need a nap. We have house guests coming tonight until Monday. We are having a family dinner here for 10 tonight. I already made brownies and need to finish the sweet potatoes. (Later a ham will go in the oven and someonetobenamedlater will make the salad.) I also need to make a lasagna for tomorrow's belated Christmas dinner with more relatives. Again, someonetobenamedlater will make salad and serve everything.

The downside to ailments like mine, is getting tired and needing to rest before doing more. The upside is that I will delegate to everyone else. I am surrounding by 'unknowing' volunteers. And if I am really tired, I can bail and go to bed early while my husband plays host.

Yes its rude to bail on guests but as my health has tanked, I have learned that I can't do everything and sometimes I just need to use common sense and say 'how can I not overdo so much that I can't participate in anything tomorrow?'

Right now I will lie in bed and be lazy and maybe snooze.

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