Friday, January 13, 2017

Health Insurance

I am very concerned about the potential changes in the national health insurance program that is in place. In principle I like the idea of national health insurance so that patient's are not victims of their health insurance company or are tied to jobs they hate just to keep their health insurance.

I also like the idea of no pre-existing condition clauses, young adults can stay on their parents insurance longer, and no lifetime insurance caps. And I want all of these items to stay. I also want every American to be able to get health insurance if they want.

I would like to see changes that help reduce costs of insurance and not to have huge premium increases allowable. I would like to see changes where medication costs are reduced as they are one of the single largest factors causing such high increases.

What I dislike about the proposed changes are the following:

  • I feel that the changes are being rushed by the new administration. I have heard that the changes will happen within two weeks and it will be comparable plan. I just can't see that happening so fast as it impacts millions of people. No changes will work unless it is properly planned so that patients (the public) are not left hanging without insurance.
  • I believe it is just partisanship that is causing the rush to make the changes. People did not like the former president so they want to get rid of his signature legislation as fast as they can.
We are a bunch of innocent patients here who can't afford to be without health insurance. I am lucky enough to have health insurance through my husband but I know many people who are depend on the Affordable Care Act for theirs.

So I am asking all the politicians to be careful about making abrupt changes with millions of people's health insurance.

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