Tuesday, January 3, 2017

That Sleep Crap

So I haven't slept well in years. Back in the 1990s and earlier, I started having sleep problems. I have been known to get up and clean the house in the middle of the night.(Why not. I was awake?) Its not like I wake up dying to pee or need a glass of water. I just wake up and can't sleep.

My husband tells me to relax and feel each body part slowly relaxing and then just close your eyes and fall asleep. I have tried everything you can think of, including and not limited to: exercise, sleeping pills, new bed, etc. I have even counted sheep.

Two years ago my doctor sent me for a sleep study that came back as no apnea or anything. This year she sent me for another one because of my fatigue issues. That one came back with apnea so I was sent for a CPAP study and I just got the results: It was only partially successful. This means I don't necessarily get a CPAP and I get a new doctor. I am being referred to a sleep disorders doctor.

Just what I need, another doctor. I can't wait. But if they can help me get a good night's sleep regularly I'm happy.

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