Tuesday, August 21, 2007

At least I wasn't the patient

Yesterday, Walter had to go to Lahey (he's fine) and I got to be the driver and 'waiter arounder'. It was a nice change. We had to return to the same section of Lahey where the nurse said to me 'don't worry, you don't need local, it never hurts anyone'. I reminded Walter of this and definitely got a very dirty look in return.

There were OMWAHs lurking in the parking garage. Unfortunately, that is where they get out of their cars and transform from drivers to 'lost people in the giant parking garage'. 'Where did I park?' 'I'm not really taking up two spaces.' 'All the floors look the same. My car must be here some place.' 'Which way is the exit?' The scariest thing is when OMWAHs (now this is very rare) talk on their cell phones while driving! We did see one of those crossing through the crosswalk right in front of us (no signs of yielding).

Anyhow, we survived our excursion. I took a two hour nap to recover.

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