Friday, August 24, 2007

A restful night in the hospital

Its a good thing I fell asleep early. It is not possible to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep here. This has been the schedule:

12 am - IV antibiotics for 45 minutes
4 am - temperature check (its staying down)
535 am - blood test (Why? Do you have better blood this early??)
615 am - nurse with pill
645 am - vitals check
755 am - nurse with shot, IV antibiotics
815 am - breakfast delivery
830 am - maid to sweep and dump trash
850 am - new linens delivery
930 am - nurse to disconnect IV
1010 am - doctor for daily check (not going home until at least Sunday)

It will continue like this all day long. My rule, nap often and catch up on sleep when I get home.

There are two parts to your WBC: regular and infection fighting cells. My total WBC is getting there but my infection fighting cells are 20 - they should be 500.

Also, the report from home: Walter found a dead mouse in the living room. My question: was it already in the house or was it retrieved as the chipmunk was? Maybe the cat was bored because I wasn't there and he was saving me a present!

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