Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yes, I am fine but do you know what your white blood count should be?

I didn't. Its supposed to be 10,000. Mine was 820. I had a fever and chills and the on call doctor sent me to the emergency room where I waited 10 hours to be admitted. They want to keep me here for 48 hours at least until my cultures are clear, my fever goes away, and my white blood count starts going up. So Saturday at least. Another fun weekend! And, I will end my number of consecutive days with a walk - I have gone for a walk every day since July 14.

Um... after 10 hours in the ER, I never again will have a fever after 5pm. I said that to the doctor and he said that if I have a fever during the day, I wouldn't have to go through the ER. Not happening. Most of the time was spent waiting for doctors who had other sicker people to see. I think ERs are for car accidents, injuries, allergic reactions and stuff that needs to be seen right away. They shouldn't be for admittance to the hospital. The on call doctor said 'I don't think you need to come by ambulance'. Thats not happening either! Last time I came to Lahey in an ambulance, I didn't have any shoes with me.

The real problem with low white blood count is no ability to withstand infection. So I really can't have a lot of visitors and have to wear a mask if I leave my room. Apparently I have a very popular room. Helen Anderson got a phone call and the nurses wanted to move Gerald to another room. I do have a TV and internet access so I can bore everyone else. Here at hotel Lahey, if you don't call in your meal orders, Room Service calls you. All the rooms are private and have their own shower. So I am just lying around feeling my temperature go up and down and hope the chills don't come back. Yesterday was much better - I watched 3 hours of TV with the cat sleeping on my stomach.

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