Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I had a wonderful day? How was yours?

I was at Lahey from 1030am - 3pm. I was weighed, blood test, vital signs, met with two doctors, and then spent two hours getting IV of chemo. There was a very nice volunteer who came around and offered us some food so we split a turkey sandwich. I had apple juice. I have two lovely bruises growing on my arm as well, one is really on the back of my hand.

Anyhow, in meeting with the doctor, we decided that in hopes of preventing a return adventure through the ER or any admission to the hospital due to low blood counts, that I have a prescription for an antibiotic to take for seven days starting on Sunday. But if I run a fever, I still need to call (but this time it will be between 830am - 5pm.) I also have to go back tomorrow for a Neulasta shot which is also supposed to be preventing the low blood counts. (Before Neulasta was available it was routine to give a round of preventive antibiotics between chemo sessions.) Double teaming this one here. We'll see what happens with that.

Also, in speaking with both the doctor and the nurse, due to the limitations of only having one arm for all of these injections and the number of additional chemo sessions, I get to have a portacath installed sometime soon. It is a little round disk the insert under the skin just below your collar bone that has a tube that goes directly into your blood veins (not the important ones, I think it might just go to the jugular). Then all future blood draws and IVs, chemo or otherwise, will be done through that. It is done as a day surgery with one prep day before. I guess that means I have lots of Lahey visits in the next few weeks. With needles, and incisions, and stitches. Yick! I just think the whole idea of having something under your skin that goes into a major vein is basically just grossing me out.

Walter beat me at scrabble once the drugs kicked in. And was winning the second game as well. Did anyone have a more exciting day than me? Okay, nap time for me.

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Susan said...

Hi Caroline,

I was thinking about you today and was hoping you were doing well.

I had a port placed before I started chemo and though it can be annoying, it really is much better than getting stuck everywhere. My surgeon placed mine in my arm. She said it's less risky as it's inserted into a smaller vein than the one in your chest. Something to consider.

Also, my oncologist gives me IV fluids each time I go for my Neulasta injection. I have yet to hear of anyone else doing this, but I think it's very helpful. I also drink tons of water to flush out the "crap" and keep me hydrated. I think that also makes a big difference.

I hope you'll find the rest of the treatments far more tolerable!

God bless,
(Susan_M on the Komen site)

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