Monday, August 20, 2007

So how long does this all last?

I was thinking about. A lot of women with BC say its a year out of their lives. This all started with a bad mammogram back in early May. Then two surgeries in June and July. Now four rounds of AC at 2 weeks apart starting August 1, they should end Sept 12. Then I start 12 rounds of weekly Taxol so that should end about December 12. Then 6 or 7 weeks of daily radiation - which puts it to about the end of January. So a total of 8 months of fun and games!

I am working hard to come up with a list of good things with cancer and chemo - I don't work that much, I can lie around and read books and watch movies, naps are always good, I am losing weight because nothing tastes good/feels like it wants to stay down, the cat is happy I am home to cater to his every whim. Also, I have gone for a walk every day since I got that yucky drain taken out and plan on continuing through chemo and radiation. Are there any more good things? I am working on it - there must be others. Oh, my shampoo expenses are way down. Hmmm... I will try to come up with more.

I know there is a big FAT list of bad things about cancer and chemo but I really don't want to list those.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very hard time.

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