Friday, August 17, 2007

Enough depressing stuff

Too much depressing stuff. I will write about the happy go lucky cat today. (Some one was asking about him anyway). His life hasn't changed. The chipmunk hasn't come back. He is still waiting for it. He is incredibly patient waiting for the chipmunk (maybe he knows it will take a long time). If only he could be that patient waiting for his dinner. Dinner is served to him at 5:30 pm. He starts asking for it around 2pm. If I go out at any point during the day and return, then he starts asking the second I walk in the door, even if it is 11am. Its not like there is no food in his dish. He thinks I leave, I come home, I feed him. Too bad he can't tell time.

Otherwise, things are normal for me. Still big fat bruises, still nausea, still losing hair. Or am I shedding? Animals shed but people don't 'shed', they 'lose' their hair... Weird use of the English language. I did cut it shorter last night (sorry, no new picture). May do some more trimming today... I'll see how it goes.

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