Saturday, August 25, 2007

My two year old side is appearing again

As scheduled, my evil two year old twin appeared today in great form. I got fed up waiting around Lahey to be let out AND the nurses would never respond to my page with anything more than 'we'll let your nurse know'. To be fair I think the nurses are slightly understaffed and there was a patient on the floor who was very difficult and needed a lot of attention. However, neglecting other patients to the point where they get upset doesn't help the situation. I went down to the nursing station to complain and get released from the hospital after they had the orders for two hours and didn't bother to respond to my requests.

Anyhow, I am now home. I am looking forward to my own cooking and a good nights sleep. It is possible that the evil twin is caused by not feeling well, not getting enough sleep for several days, and being ignored.

The cat is mad at me. I was gone too long. He forgot who feeds him evidently.

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