Monday, October 15, 2007

And I didn't over do it yesterday

I went for a walk and went out to lunch with a friend. I had a very healthy meal of potato skins and salad. I folded laundry but I did not over do it. My kitchen floor and stairs to the upstairs are still in their same pristine state even though I did consider cleaning them this weekend. It would be very helpful if the cat would control his shedding to some extent so there is less to clean. We have noticed that with his improved appetite, when he has eaten all the food in his bowl, he then eats all the food he had previously pushed out on the floor so he is actually sort of helping the cleaning process. If I could teach him how to use the mop too...

Today's issue to is to resolve the mystery of my Lahey appointment on Wednesday. Chemo was changed to this week to Wednesday so I could also meet with my oncologist but then he canceled. I got a letter from his office that said he was canceling and to go to my prechemo blood tests at 10:30. Then I got the usual reminder phone call from Lahey on Friday that said come at 10am. Then I got another phone call on Saturday which says come at 10:45 am. You think they would make up their mind... I will call today and find out what time they really want me there. I think they do this just to confuse the patients. If they are confused, they forget about being sick and all their symptons as they are just worried about being late.

Regardless of what time I go, I am sure there will be OMWAHs driving aimlessly through the parking garage, talking on their cell phones, so I won't miss out on that part of my weekly adventure.

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