Thursday, October 4, 2007

I went, it was okay.

So I went for my second Taxol round. It was okay. Yes, the little needle (Its not that little, I saw it!!!!) into my port hurt, but less than last time. The nurse gave me some ice to put on it in addition to the analgesic cream I use. I also got a different anti allergy medication - Atarax, instead of Benadryl - and I didn't have a reaction to it. Its interesting how things they give you: anti allergy (Atarax), a steroid also to prevent allergies, anti nausea pill, Pepcid antacid, chemo and then when they are done they flush the port with saline and give me an anticoagulant to prevent clots. You wonder why I need a nap after to sleep it off.

The nurse did say she thinks I am handling Taxol well and it should not be too problematic. (That's her definition. I guess she has seen a lot of people deal with it so may be I am but in my opinion it is pretty crappy to get technical.) However I am getting anemic. She asked me if I have fatigue and shortness of breath. Well, I hadn't really noticed any. She asked the doctor if she should give me some blood and another drug for the anemia and he thinks no as I am not showing symptoms. But she jinxed me I think. She asked me and now maybe I think I am.

After my nap, I went for a little walk and had to rest walking up the hill on the way home. I hadn't really noticed. I will wait to tomorrow and see how it goes before calling them. If my red blood count gets too low, they will either have to give me blood at a chemo session, which they don't like to do, or delay a chemo session, which I don't really want (just want to get it over with). Maybe its just because of the little chemical factory they put in me earlier today.

I did ask also about eating an iron rich diet to help with this. Apparently, in this case it wont have much effect. The nurse did say it might come back up on its own. Grrr, grrr, grr. Another thing to deal with.

2 down, 10 to go.

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Susan said...

It does sound like you're tolerating Taxol better than A/C. I start Taxol in November, so I was curious to see how you did. My RBC is low, and my iron is borderline. They're going to give me an iron med via IV tomorrow (had chemo today).

Hang in there!

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