Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still feel like I am in Kansas

It went okay. I talked to the doctor about the fatigue which he considers to be normal. My blood counts are recovering nicely. Apparently the AC was worse on them than Taxol so they are slowly returning to normal levels which is expected. The fatigue can just increase as your body is beaten down by chemo for so long. Basically, I have 7 more weeks to deal with this fatigue and think I can do it. Lots of naps, less trying to do so much. That will mean a messier house, more meals cooked by Walter, less time working (I have been working a little extra the past few weeks and doing some volunteer work), more lap time for the cat. I also went out to lunch twice two weekends ago. This past weekend I ran around all Saturday and then we went to the beach (did I say that enough yet) on Sunday. I think I really need a day a week doing nothing.

But chemo yesterday, we went at 845 am and got home at 2 - 5 quality hours at Lahey. Lots of sitting around as to be expected but Walter did manage to get his flu shot at the hospital's annual clinic quite quickly. I thought he would be gone for hours doing that and it took him 20 minutes. That way he can't bring evil flu germs home to me. I got my flu shot last week as they do recommend it for people in chemo and they also recommend it for caregivers (Walter's official title) so they don't get incapacitated and unable to care for the sicker person. That was our excitement which was just so stimulating I came home and slept like a log for two hours while Walter did some work. Then I made dinner and went to bed by 9.

However the Red Sox won last night. Most exciting. I stayed up long enough to see the first home run and the rest of the first inning and went to bed thinking they would win.

I do feel like I am stuck in Kansas some where... Nothing wrong with Kansas but its sort of in middle and you can't see the next part. One more infusion and I am halfway through Taxol which will make me feel better mentally I hope.

5 down, 7 to go.

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