Monday, October 8, 2007

Now I think I understand

Yes, there is a little consistency to my new chemo routine. Thursday: chemo and sleep, Friday: up and perky due to steroids, also hungry; Saturday: it begins to fade; Sunday: blah but okay; Monday; food is kind of yucky (no description is complete without the use of technical terms); and Tuesday - well, I bet its like last Tuesday which was an okay day but I wasn't particularly hungry; and Wednesday will just be waiting for chemo again. Actually, last Tuesday and Wednesday I definitely faded out at the end of the day. The other part of this is that Taxol has cumulative side effects so each week will be a little more interesting but I think I now have the basics.

I have decided my blog focuses primarily on food and the cat. (The cat is fine. He is restored to his normal annoying self. He is eating like a pig. Oink, oink, oink. When he is really chowing down he makes little oinking noises while eating. He hasn't learned how to use his cat door yet and we aren't sure he ever will.) Food is big during chemo because either you want to eat or you don't, mostly you don't. Well, I don't. I have been told that something like half the women on chemo for breast cancer gain weight. I don't think that will happen to me. The scale has been going in the other direction which means my wardrobe is expanding and I can now fit into the clothes that I already own. Its kind of like going shopping and having someone else spend lots of money.

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