Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another day in my life...

Let's see, what fun today? Walter had to go into work so I am left to my own devices. This is where I get into trouble. Too much time on my hands and that's it - I start procrastinating and then overplanning. My plans today are laundry, clean the damn stairs, mop the filthy kitchen floor, get Walter to remove the GIANT SPIDER WEB over the front door (I don't care if its in season for Halloween, it has got to go as it is on the INSIDE!), go for a walk, and coffee at Starbucks (my new secret addiction - shhhh, don't tell anyone but their chocolate/coffee/cream filled 'beverages' are quite yummy, and fattening, but I have a coupon. Do these count as beverages even if you drink them through a straw if they are basically the consistency of ice cream? However I must find a new source for these as I really dislike supporting the evil Starbucks empire.) I already went to the gym to try to get rid of my flabby upper arms. A friend did point out that at my age (slightly over 29), flabby upper arms are inevitable, but I am still trying.

Well that's my day. Possibly I could do some of the volunteer work, I keep promising I will do or perhaps even some work that pays me! We will see how things go. I think this may be one of those days where I get a tiny bit overtired. Its 3 days after chemo, and I definitely get into a down cycle.

My weekend goal however is to go to Cranes Beach and then out for FRIED CLAMS at Woodmans. I haven't been there in months. For a long time, the whole idea of eating fried clams had no appeal. However I think they will be quite yummy tomorrow. The weather is cooperating as well - low tide at noon, high temperatures in the upper 70s. So much for October!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of a friend would be so crude as to point out your age?
The same one who is envious that you will be at Crane's beach and I won' hoo.
XXOO Judie

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