Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life with Caller ID

Back in the dark ages, when we were growing up, we all had dial telephones that were leased from Ma Bell (talk about a monopoly - what a ripoff) but then came the great AT&T breakup and all the baby bells. Then we got fun options on our phones (anyone remember paying for touch tone access - or are we still doing that?). Then came answering machines and then voice mail and then the ultimate spy thing - caller ID. We could screen our calls.

Now does anyone answer their phone without looking at the little window to see who it is first? Or for the really lazy who have voice announce caller ID, wait to hear who it is before moving a muscle towards the phone? We always know who it is who calls and only answer the ones we want. Its dinner time, its a friend, you don't answer. Working at home, its your employer, you don't answer. Working at home, its your spouse or friend, you do answer. (Do you screen your friend's calls or only some of them???)

Friday I went out to work for a few hours and I came home and there were two messages which had a caller name of Unknown. Who is 'unknown'? I have no idea. (Well, duh, its unknown.) But the hospital when they call is often 'unknown' but why would they call me? I don't have an appointment for 10 days (and then I have five visits during the month of September alone). Now someone else could have called twice who is 'unknown' but I really don't know who it could be. However with my health issues, its probably some stupid doctor... If its important, they'll call back (and I won't read anything else into the 'unknown' calling me).

Yesterday, we actually went to the horse races and had a good time. We met the wedding party for my sister's wedding next year and had cake for my father's birthday. We also bet on horse races. I picked my usual highly skilled method of 'I like the horse's name/color of jockey silks/name of trainer' method and came out ahead $9.80. My husband did great research and bet based on scientific analysis and came out about the same. Needless to say we aren't quitting our day jobs anytime soon to be gambling addicts. But we did have fun.

Today, we get to deal with car salesmen. Do you think we will run into rocket scientists???? Probably.

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