Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Avoidance Day #8

First of all for those of you who think my math is wrong because the election is in a week, I am counting election day as day #1. The day after we can resume our normal programming and normal lives.

Today's avoidance topic is books. I admit I am book worm. I have been all my life. I was the kid who was always reading in bed after lights out. I have worn glasses since junior high. I can always spend time (and lots of money) in a book store. I am a member of Barnes & Nobles discount program as well as Borders (B&N gives better discounts but Borders is a free membership). I regularly patronize the library as well as the local used bookstore.

Any vacation or trip must include a selection of books to read. I can handle going some place with no TV or internet but I must have a book with me at all time. Once I was on vacation in the south and ran out of books to read. We went to the local mall to find a bookstore. There were no bookstores in the mall. There was a drug store with a small book selection. Does nobody read in that town? Then I was saved because we found a used bookstore. I have found you can always find bookstores. You sometimes have to look harder than others.

I also have one bookcase of books for my reading. This is a self imposed limitation. I can only have one bookcase so my book collection does not get out of control. It is six shelves high and filled with a double layer of books, with a few extras stacked on top. We have other book cases but they are filled with things like cook books, travel books, marketing books, financial books, and other stuff that you don't really read but refer to. They don't count in my book obsession (well maybe the cook books should but they don't) because they aren't for pleasure reading, but for reference.

Perhaps my husband would say my cookbook collection is out of control. I don't think it is. I like having lots of resources for making the yummy food that he continues to eat. If I got rid of my cookbooks, would he eat as many different things? Maybe, because I can get recipes off the internet. (But don't tell him that or he will think I should clean those out too.)

Currently I am only reading one book. Recently I have been too busy and have gotten behind on my reading. Most distressing. I will have to work on this. I think I can fit in a little book time tonight. Very important to fit this in.

Yesterday I was good and went for my walk and went to work. I did some work from home as well. I was very tired at the end of the day and falling asleep in front of the TV so I went to bed. Then I couldn't sleep once I was in bed. How aggravating! Should I have stayed in the comfy armchair and slept there until I woke up with neck in a crick and then be unable to fall asleep because I had already slept for a few hours? Or was I better off to go to bed early and then not sleep? I don't know but tonight I will go to bed early again (but not after reading my book).

Today I have lots to do. I have to pay bills, work from home, go for a walk, visit my aunt (who lives on the beach), and go to my support group. Perhaps I am overscheduled today. Actually I think I am overscheduled all week but that will make it easier to continue my avoidance activities.

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