Friday, October 10, 2008


A year ago I was avoiding dealing with my health issues. I felt like crap, had no hair, and was in chemo. Today I am avoiding the economy. Actually I think everyone should avoid thinking about the economy and listening to news about the economy. Its very depressing. We should all take the responsible way out and avoid thinking about it - maybe it will go away. Well it definitely will since there will be a presidential address on the economy today. I am sure that will solve all the problems the $700,000,000,000 (too many zeroes) bill didn't solve. I am not sure why the politicians think a speech can solve the problems of the world. On to avoidance.

Yesterday, because I could, I stayed in my pajamas until 11 am. I also watched four episodes of Sex in the City - these were the ones where Samantha is diagnosed with breast cancer. I actually think they handled it rather well. She says she can't go visit Miranda in Brooklyn because she has cancer. Their depiction of chemo is pretty good too. I now have to watch the rest of the sixth season to see how it goes.

I actually got some work done yesterday too. I didn't watch TV all day. I waited until it was warm enough to go for a walk in shorts and then got motivated. Also, I was talking on the phone to a friend yesterday and guess who got out. There he was la-di-dah sitting on the stone wall waiting for furry things to destroy. (Just call him the 'Enforcer' - no one is getting near his house.) This actually happened three times. I can't wait for snow to end all this.

Today I am meeting a friend for a walk and then another friend is coming over and then I need to get some work done too. Maybe I should motivate this morning and work? That would be a good concept but it requires motivation and not procrastination.

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