Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another rocket scientist

There are more rocket scientists out there than you might think. Yesterday I had the 'pleasure' of speaking with one. RCN, our cable, internet, and phone provider sent us a letter telling us taht our phone service would be disconnected on December 1 if we don't upgrade to their digital phone service and we need to call to schedule a technician to come upgrade the modem thingy. So I called, they didn't answer so I left a message. How smart - send out a letter, tell people to call, and don't answer the phone?

So I called their national 800 number. The RS who answered told me there was no disconnect order on my phone and he didn't understand. So I read him my letter. Then he put me on hold, had to ask someone else, transferred me to someone else, who put me on hold twice, and then finally scheduled an appointment for a technician to come out and upgrade the modem.

We also were supposed to have a home inspector stop by from the town to do a once in ten year visual inspection as required by law. During this 35 minute interval, the home inspector got lost, called twice, arrived safely, did the inspection, I signed the form, he left, and then finally RCN was resolved. How is that for multi tasking???

Otherwise all I did yesterday was go to the gym - I really went and didn't just talk about it and today I am sore - and to the farmer's market and worked from home. Today I am crabby. My previous issues my butt have returned and now I get to call the doctor again. This may mean more not so fun doctor appointments. I can't wait. Its not going away by itself. Grr, grr, grr. Then I am going for a walk, to work, and out with an old friend.

This is a friend who I have known since we were in junior high. We will go out and have the same thing we have every time we go out - wine and chicken nachos, no jalapenos. In fact if the restaurant does not have chicken nachos on the menu, we ask them to make them specially for us. They usually do. We have been going to the same restaurant, well its in the same place but on its third management, for about 20 years. (In some ways this makes us feel old but we aren't.) Now I know this is not what we call a nutritionally balanced meal but I haven't been able to eat nachos since last spring so this is an important stage in the healing process. (I just want to be clear that I will return to eating veggies and fruits tomorrow.) It also is something fun to look forward to instead of thinking of butt issues.

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