Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is this progress?

During Monday's big adventuresome trip back to see my oncologist, I was thinking about how long it had been since I was last down in the new 'cancer' wing. They built a new wing on the hospital a couple of years ago and all us cancer people are now stuck downstairs from urology (not sure if this is a good or bad thing) with a cushy waiting room and snack ladies. I am also not sure if I understand their logic by sticking some of the sickest people down a really long hall but maybe they are trying to make sure we get our exercise. Its also a good thing they have snack ladies because we are really far from the gift shop and the cafeteria.

As I pulled into the parking garage, I realized that no, all the OMWAHs have not disappeared. They are alive and well in the garage, waiting for parking spaces to open up magically as they sit idling in their two tone Cadillac Sevilles and Lincoln Town Cars. That is not progress. They are still there blocking up the aisles or just backing out of spaces without looking.

Apparently there is progress down in the cushy waiting room. They have added a giant flat screen television set so we could all watch the Bonnie Hut show. I've watched her a few times. She's not bad. But the show we were all forced to watch was (and I am not making this up, you can't make up stuff like this) on Halloween costumes for your dogs. She had everyone on her staff with a dog bring it in with a Halloween costume. Some were purchased and some were home made. I need to be clear the people weren't in costume, the dogs were. There are even dog wigs with little ear holes so they stay on. All of us cancer people got to watch this. I could hear a lot of 'you've got to be kidding me's from the room. But maybe we all forgot about oncologists and blood tests an chemo therapy as we looked at a weimaraner in a bleached blond wig.

Otherwise my week is going well. Yesterday I had a job interview. I should know in a few days if I get it. It would be a great job 3 miles from home and I could continue my other work and have some flexibility in my life as well. My exciting life continues as in addition to going on a job interview, I worked from home, went for a walk with a friend, and went to the grocery store. How exciting is that?

Today, the town has hired assessors to come out and visit every house in town to see if our house is the same as they think it is or do they get to raise our taxes. I will make it very clear to him that housekeeping levels are not part of the equation as I didn't dust before he showed up. (I save that for really special occasions - when one occurs and I actually do dust, I'll be sure to tell you.)

I will also go to the gym today because the weather forecast is for a high of 48 and winds and rain and I will work from home. How exciting is that? Its not but you are still reading...

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