Friday, October 3, 2008

We survived

We survived watching the vice presidential debate - no arguments, no yelling at the tv - but if you are sick of hearing about politics, read this instead. In addition to politics season, its Ig Nobel awards season.

Once again as the healing progresses, I get to go have fun. But first I have to get through my over planned day, work for four different organizations, run two errands, meet a friend for a walk, finish packing, and be ready to leave about 115 pm. Can I do it? (As the cat slows me down by sitting on my lap while I am trying to type.)

This weekend is girls weekend and I am off to the mountains. We will eat too much, stay up too late (but the Red Sox game doesn't start until 937 pm (Why 7 minutes after? Why not 930? I never understood that part.) so at least we have an excuse for staying up late - not that we need one, but we do have an excuse. We will also be in the land of no computers, no cell phones but also with peak fall foliage. We will also fit in a little shopping and a picnic I think.

In the meantime, I need to get moving because I have so much to do!

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