Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News flash

Now here's a newsflash from the doctor yesterday - my incisions are healing normally and my bruise will fade and go away with time. Gee. I never would have thought my bruise would go away. I feel so relieved!

Actually I wasn't expecting to hear anything exciting at the surgeon yesterday. I am not having issues and feel like I am still healing. I will say I did have another speedy visit - 26 minutes to enter the parking garage, wait for stupid lady to brush her hair before she backed out of her parking space, walk to the main building, wait for the elevator, check in, wait for the nurse, wait for the doctor, hear the newsflash, walk down two flights of stairs, and pay for parking. I barely had time to do my crossword puzzle! (The secret is I was prepared to wait for a really long time and brought a book and a bottle of water too. If you aren't prepared, you are doomed for a very long wait.)

Otherwise, I did get some work done and did go to work. Today I get to go for a walk and then work from home all day. Tonight we are having vegetable lasagna - yummy - so I have to make that as well. My life is so tough. All this stress. Hmmm... think about work and cooking or think about the economy? Which would you prefer? I'm sticking with work and cooking.

Or we could move on to politics - NOT! Only 28 days to go of 'he's a liar', 'he's a terrorist'. If you feel any need to discuss politics, please watch this instead:

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