Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Its not the steri strips

Its the damn adhesive that is itchy. So the doctor took the steri strips off on Monday (but you knew that already if you had been reading along). They left behind little rings around them of adhesive - just like when you pull off a bandaid. When I showered yesterday (which I do daily) I tried to get the adhesive off. It didn't work.

So then I tried dissolving it with alcohol (which works by the way and doesn't sting because the incisions are healed - what did you think I would put alcohol on an open incision? Even I am not that dumb.) The stupid adhesive left behind nice little rectangular red itchy areas - the exact shape and size as the damn steri strips. they itch. I can't scratch them because in the middle of each one is an incision with a scab. So once again I am sitting here working on that suffering in silence business (that I do so well) and ignoring the itchy steri strip residue.

Last evening, our friend, the cat, once again decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat. We thought we had cured him of this by fixing the front door so he couldn't push it open. We were wrong. He got out. I thought he might have gotten out but wanted to eat dinner first (actually enjoy my food without his nose at the edge of my plate). Then I thought I heard a 'really pissed off cat outside' noise and went to investigate (shaking a box of kitty treats - he always comes for treats). Lo and behold, he was outside and his tail had somehow inflated to about 3 times its normal size. Yes, he was pissed off. There was someone invading 'his' backyard. I think this winter we will cure him of this outdoor business because it will be cold and his itty bitty little paws might get cold or snowy or, God forbid, wet!

Anyhow, I am also suffering in silence through this political season. I tried watching last night's debate but decided it was better to go to sleep. I did find this video on CNN yesterday - are all the spoofs of Sarah Palin actually hurting or helping her? Interesting question to ponder.

Let's see today, in addition to this suffering in silence business, I am going to go for a walk (or maybe the gym if its too cold), then work from home and then go to work. I am meeting friends for dinner - yes the social life thing is finally returning. These are the women who were in a newly diagnosed support group last year - we still get together monthly for our check in to see how everyone is doing. This means I need to stop playing on the internet and get moving so that I can get everything done that I need to do.

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