Monday, October 27, 2008

Avoidance Day #9

First of all, yesterday I met up with some friends who I know online. Left to right its Bunkys Mom, Diane J, me, Kathy Ann, Cindy D, and Lavender4ever. It was great to meet people in person who I only know online.

Anyhow, today is avoidance day #9 and the topic is pets. I was going to write about how having a pet is a good thing. They have been shown to do all kinds of things like lower blood pressure, reduce stress, help with social skills, etc. And then there is our cat - or commonly, Walter's cat. He is not good for stress reduction. He increases stress. He is an indoor cat. But he wants to be outdoors. Yesterday afternoon he was outdoors, heading for a busy road. I had to go into our neighbors back yard (with the usual kitty treat bribe) to get him and bring him home. Then five minutes later he snuck out again! So much for reducing my stress. Our neighbors told me they dont need a cat because all the local cats come visit them.

This morning I was lying in bed reading the paper and felt like I was on a desert island with the sharks circling. He was walking around the bed and all I could see was the tip of his tail, like a shark fin, circling away. (Insert Jaws theme music here). He wasn't very restful. He wanted treats. And to get outside.

Then there are the favorite 'gifts' he leaves us. Usually on the white dining room rug. Sometimes at the bottom of the stairs where we can't see them until too late. He is just sharing but it is not stress reducing!

Okay, enough about pets. They do have their good points. But this morning I did feel like shark bait.

So yesterday I did get together with friends. I also ran some errands and dragged Walter out on a death march (as he likes to call my daily walks). Maybe I over did things a little bit but not too much. Today I am working from home and going to work. Not exciting but who ever said my life is exciting in the first place?

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