Saturday, October 11, 2008


If you ignore and avoid the icky things in life, they will go away. Well, sometimes. This is the very mature route to handling stressful things. The stock market is having a 'bad time'. I'll just leave it at that because all the other words that are floating around (crash, depression, meltdown, etc) are just too nasty. Therefore, I recommend avoiding and ignoring it. Stop watching the news or mute it when they talk about the markets. Skip the business section of the paper. Don't open your IRA and investment statements, leave them in a nice tidy little pile where they can sit until the market turns around. Then when you open them, you will know they are already on their way back up. (If you insist on opening them, I recommend a stiff drink to accompany them.)

Another thing to ignore/avoid is the election. There are only 24 days to go unless you believe the evil rumors that the White House is going to impose martial law and delay them so Obama wont get in. (I am not making this up, it was in today's newspaper.) I really dont think they should postpone it because it ha been dragging on for so long already, we all just want it to be over. We all just want to vote and get it over with so we can get back to our lives and stop having our favorite TV shows cancelled because of debates and other political chit chat.

Instead of these two headline grabbing situations, I recommend focusing on more fun things like fall foliage, computer games, cooking shows on TV, Netflix DVDs, shopping (that's helping the economy), gardening, sports (the Red Sox are in the play offs, hockey and basketball are starting, and foot ball is going on too), home improvement projects (also good for the economy), and vacations. Just think a three week vacation would be great about now. If the economy isn't better by then, we may all be on a permanent vacation and the election will finally be over.

One last thing to ignore is the fact that yesterday I made a clear violation of the do not lift more than 10 lbs rule while recovering from abdominal surgery. I tried to open a window that I didn't realize was locked. So it caused a little pain. Not too much and I plan on ignoring it until it goes away.

Today I am going for a walk (for a change, Walter might go with me), then a friend is coming over and we are going out to lunch and consignment store shopping. I need to plant bulbs (meaning Walter needs to dig me a million little holes so I can fill them back up.) A busy day while I ignore icky things.

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