Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In watching the news this morning, there were ads for three different hospitals. They all claimed to be warm and fuzzy and be state of the art with the latest clinical trials. Basically, they are saying they will have the best care. But, this is the part I don't understand, how do you choose your doctor and where you get treated? You go to your regular doctor and if something bad (a/k/a cancer) is discovered they refer you to a specialist that they are affiliated with or know. They use their medical training to decide which medical specialist you need. Then you have to make sure they are in your network, etc so you insurance will cover your treatment.

Where is the freedom of choice here? There really isn't much leeway. You need the right kind of specialist to make sure you get the right kind of treatment. Can you pick your hospital by a TV commercial? I personally like having a hospital close to home that has a full range of capabilities. I will also check their reputation to make sure they are good but I am not going to drive an extra thirty minutes just to get a 'warmer and fuzzier' hospital with 'the latest' clinical trials. And I definitely am not going to choose them based on their TV commercials. This would be like choosing your prescriptions based on the ads in magazines...

I also trust my doctors judgment and their training to make sure they are referring me to the right kinds of doctors. they have the training, not me, to know if I need a specialist or not. But I will pay attention and ask questions so that I understand what is going on. If I don't or I disagree, I will ask why to learn their reasons. This is why we pay professionals to help us. I think the hospitals should take those advertising dollars and spend them on more nurses and other medical staff to help us patients where it really counts - in treatment.

Okay, I am off my soap box for now (for today). Yesterday I was really busy. I went for a walk, to the gym, retrieved my missing comforter (and blanket I had forgotten about) from the cleaners, went to a job interview, went to work, and came home. (I still feel like a moron that I lost the cleaners receipt for five months and it was in plain sight but I will say the cleaner didn't flinch when I handed them a slip with a pick up date of June 7.) Today Walter has the day off which means he thinks he can get lots done around the house. I need him to help me with some stuff and then we are going to get new eye glasses.

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