Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it time to take a break?

I have been debating with myself on this one. Do I still need to go see my therapist? I am up in the air on this. Maybe I'll talk to her next time I go. Maybe I'll consider taking a break from her and then seeing how I feel.

A yucky medical diagnosis is the equivalent of PTSD. It takes time and a lot of dealing to learn to live with it. I still have my support group. I am not sure I want to go see my therapist any more. Maybe in my three month break with out doctor appointments, I will take a therapy break too.

Every trip to Lahey Clinic is another roller coaster ride. Therapist appointments are not as stressful as doctor appointments - in fact they are not stressful at all. But if I took a break from my therapist, it is possible that I wouldn't go to Lahey at all which might be a good little break in another way. To physically not go near the place for months. I go back and see her next week and maybe we'll talk about it. Also, if I don't have to go back and forth to Lahey all the time then I can have more time for important things like job hunting and working.

In the meantime, I am really trying to work on this getting a job thing. I did send out another resume yesterday and they emailed me back right away asking for a phone interview (which is a very good sign). I hope to set that up in the next day or two. I also worked from home a lot and went to the gym because it was too cold to walk outside.

Today I will go for a walk (wearing many layers of clothing) outside before going to work. We are experiencing 'unseasonable' cold - they say we have January weather forecasts right now - highs of low 30's, lows around 20, and a little gusty breeze of 25-30 mph. I am not sure which is scarier - the latest stock market chart or the chart of our recent temperatures. Both have tanked in the past few days. (I think its time to return to stock market avoidance. Or we can pretend we work for one of the big 3 automakers and zip around the country in our private jets while asking for federal dollars - they are also practicing avoidance.)

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Merida Grace said...

I wanted you to know that your words ring truesop many times. Please come by and grab your award on my blog sweetie.

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