Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a moron.

I am a moron. I am an idiot. I have two brain cells. No wait, I have chemo brain and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Look what I found yesterday.
I was attempting to get caught up on the house cleaning that has fallen by the wayside in the past year and a half (no, I didn't not do any cleaning for that long but there are some organizational issues that need to be addressed). I was organizing my bedside table. This is a particular trouble spot because of the pill bottles, etc covering the top. And the cat has a habit of walking across it and knocking over things 'in his way'.

This receipt was upside down on the bedside table under some other papers. It is for the comforter that I reported I lost a few months ago. I was right, it was at the cleaners. But, when we dropped it off, our phone number was scrambled so it wasn't listed under our name. (I will say we aren't sure who dropped it off and that there is a clear language barrier at our local environmentally friendly cleaners.) The real mystery is what is the other blanket that is there with it.

Call me stupid. Call me an idiot. Call me a moron. But I have chemo brain so I am not any of those. This is what happens to us cancer people. You can claim chemo brain instead of being an idiot for the rest of your life. (And to answer your question when am I going to stop using this as an excuse the answer is never.)

Yesterday I didn't take it as easy as I should have. I did some house cleaning, folded laundry, and did some clean up work in the gardens as well as go for a walk. I was so tired I ended up taking a nap. Usually I hate napping because then I don't sleep as well at night. Well, I still managed to sleep well. (Yes, I go back to the doctor next week and will ask him about this fatigue issue that doesn't seem to be going away.) In the meantime I need to get a good nights sleep tonight and tomorrow so I look my best for TV filming on Wednesday.

Today is a busy day. Job interview and then work all afternoon and maybe a phone interview tonight or tomorrow morning as well.

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