Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, I admit, I did it.

I went to the tv studio yesterday for filming. This doesn't mean I will be moving to Hollywood anytime soon. It was for a local cable access program who is doing an episode on the place I go to for my support groups. They wanted to interview a bunch of us lucky people who are dealing with it first hand and asked me.

Now we talked for all of 8 minutes, they said I would be on for a maximum of five minutes. But until its finished, we won't know exactly how the editing scissors trim it. I could be on for five seconds - other people's stories could be more exciting than mine - you know what an exciting life I lead! If it actually is produced, I will provide a link where it can be viewed on line. (Because I was filmed yesterday, I actually made the effort to style my hair and put on make up in hopes of making me look younger, thinner, and taller.)

Other than that I did not have an exciting day. I procrastinated instead of working from home so I didn't get nearly enough work done. But I did go for my walk and then to work. Today, I have to get motivated and go for my walk so I can get work done this morning before getting my nails done and going to work. I am lazy and I know it.

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