Monday, November 3, 2008

Avoidance day #2

Today's topic is the holidays. Don't get me wrong and call me a scrooge but I think this Christmas marketing stuff is getting out of control. Why did I receive Christmas catalogs in September? This is way too early.
I used to work in the corporate side of retail and I understand that they have to start manufacturing products early and shipping to stores early as well so as to clear out space in warehouses for more product but September is a little early to expect people to be out shopping. There are some people who do their Christmas shopping all year long. I am not one of them. I like to do mine in late November and early December unless I see a really good deal earlier for the perfect gift for someone.

I like Christmas lights and holiday displays but the giant inflatable lit up lawn decorations are a bit too much. People start with the Halloween ones in the middle of October, then switch to Thanksgiving, then to Christmas, then to Valentines, and then to Easter. Six months of the year they decorate their houses. And all the big inflatable ones run on electricity so their bills (and carbon footprint) must be really high.
We had two little pumpkins with lights in them for a couple hours for two nights. We will have a nice natural Christmas tree which will make the house smell nice for a couple of weeks. Then it will turn into compost. That's the extent of my holiday decorating. Maybe I am cheap or lazy, but I am not a Scrooge.

Yesterday I went for a yummy and fattening brunch as a belated birthday celebration with friends. (Mental note to self: don't weigh yourself the day after eating a giant meal. Wait a day or two.) We also went for a walk at a national wild life refuge. We didn't see much wild life but some pretty significant tree chewing evidence by beaver.
Today for a change, I am going for a walk and to the hardware store. How exciting. I will also work from home and go to work. Even more exciting. I have a boring life but you knew that by now.

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