Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Realy taking a break

This morning I have a therapist appointment. I have decided I will tell her I want to take a break from seeing her as well.I don't want to go to Lahey any time in the next three months unless I am dripping blood from something. I want them to rearrange the furniture in the waiting rooms (and maybe get new magazines) before I return. (Not sure if they ever get new magazines.) Anyway, I just don't want to go there at all. I think I am justified in this. I need a real break.

I will focus on losing weight and getting another job in the meantime. How is that for ways to fill my time? I will also work on training the cat to improve his mouse hunting skills. He gets a big fat F right now. We found mouse evidence in the kitchen and even caught a mouse in a trap. The cat prefers napping. Maybe we could get a roomba and teach him how to ride one like this.

Otherwise today I have to make four pies between now and noon tomorrow. Luckily I have a sous chef (husband) in charge of apple peeling. He is also in charge of peeling 3 lbs of carrots. I am not sure he knows this yet but will shortly.

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