Sunday, November 2, 2008

Avoidance Day #3

Yesterday I had a big adventure. I went to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. It was in a part of the city I don't know very well. I got directions and drove there - my idea was to get there shortly after it opened so I could get a nearby parking space. Well, I got there and was in the wrong lane, couldn't turn left, couldn't make a U-turn (because there were lots of police cars because it was near a police station), so I took the scenic route through some of the less nice neighborhoods, got lost, finally could go around the block (too many one way streets), and I made it back. I turned into the giant parking lot with one entrance and found it was full. I made a parking space by driving up on the sidewalk (lots of other people did this before me), drove over the curb (in the old car), and parked in the mud, under the trees.

The food festival was interesting and I tried lots of things and learned a lot. Then I tried to leave. As I was walking to my car, a woman asked me if I was leaving, so she followed me back to my quality parking space. I pulled out but could only turn one way because my car wouldn't fit turning the other way. There was a rocket scientist who had determined she couldn't go down one lane because it was blocked so she backed up. She opened her window and told me that she couldn't go down that lane. I said since she had backed up, I couldn't get out of her way unless she pulled forward again. She didn't get it. Finally she got out of the way and I could turn around, after asking three other cars to stop moving so I could get out of everyone's way. Finally, I escaped and took the scenic route home as well. Quite an adventure.

But that's not what I wanted to write about today. Today I was going to write about technology. However I am not sure I am qualified to write about that. I turned on the TV this morning and it said 'No Signal' and gave me a screen full of static. We have HD cable and the TV needs to be set to Channel 3... some how it was set to channel 2 and it only took me about half an hour to figure this out.

Also, last week Walter's computer died (needed a power supply) so we took it to the computer place and they fixed it. We brought it home and plugged it back in and no internet. Earlier in the week, we had a service man install VOIP with a new modem for us as part of the progress that is provided by our internet provider. I thought we had internet connectivity when he left but now I am not so sure. I can always access the internet because I can just 'borrow' some unknown neighbor with an unsecured wireless network but Walter's computer is plugged in to the modem. Finally, after lots of futzing (yes a very technical word) yesterday afternoon, I reset the modem and the wifi hub and voila we had internet. I have no idea how I fixed that problem but its fixed and that's all that counts.

I really don't think I am qualified to talk about technology so I'll come up with something else for tomorrow. (Face it this is better than the economy, politics and my health.)

Yesterday I also went for a walk (now there's a surprise) and did laundry (I bet everyone else had a much more exciting day than I did). Today I am meeting friends for brunch and a walk. As a result of my excursion yesterday, tonight we will have vegetarian Tex/Mex chowder for dinner.

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