Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should I trust them?

I am not sure what kind of relationship you have with your health insurance company. With mine, I prefer to keep a low profile and have all my claims slide on through under the radar. Then Friday I get a phone call from a nurse at BCBS asking me to call her. I didn't have time on Friday and meant to call this week. Saturday I get a letter from her. I guess they really want me to call them.

They are offering me a free service called "Case Management". It is is for people with 'a chronic illness or catastrophic health event' and provides 'no cost' 'personalized planning'. Its advantages include 'individual review of needs, with referrals to local agencies', 'coordination of health insurance benefits', 'access to medical information and resources', and 'a single contact person for information about benefits, medical procedures, and services'.

This sounds like a lot of marketing hooey (to my trained ear - I write a lot of marketing hooey) to get a better handle on us sick people who go and maximize their out of pocket spending early and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance dollars each year. It also sounds like an offer you can't refuse (maybe I watch the Godfather too much).

I think I would no longer be sliding under the radar if I was in 'Case Management'. Actually I guess I am no longer sliding under the radar if they called me and send me a letter on the same day. What if my profile is raised and then they start looking at all my claims and start making me get all sorts of preapprovals for everything? But do I trust them? I am not sure. I hate dealing with big insurance companies and worrying about claims etc. Grrr...

Yesterday I actually went to a party for a friend's birthday. I stayed out past 10pm. This is a first in a very long time. I ate way too much (but it was very yummy - lobster) and lasted until a little after 10. I was pretty tired. I was up late enough last night to see SNL intro but was on the wrong channel so I missed it.

Today, I am going on a walk (because I weighed myself after eating too much at the party and the scale is clearly going in the wrong direction). Then we are off for a fun day. We are going to Portsmouth, NH for the day to Strawbery Banke, to a local brew pub for lunch (the husband bribe), and then to visit a friend's store who is having a friends and family day special (what I really want to go see). I will also go to bed early tonight.

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Merida Grace said...

I have one of those same kind of relationships with my insurance company. They run when my name is mentioned, lol. Keep the faith sweetie.

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