Friday, November 7, 2008

Who says people get to have all the fun?

So yesterday kitty had a very tough day. He took a nap on the carpet and then another one in the closet. But really the question is, 'am I being mean to him or nice to him?' I filled up the bird feeder and hung it in the front yard. He gets to watch the birds and squirrels all day and all night long. But is this nice or mean? He is an indoor cat so it is entertainment but is it also frustrating him that he can't eat the birds and squirrels ash e would really like to?

I think the gorilla had what we call a 'bad day'. Yesterday I learned that is not just people who get to have all the fun. One of the gorillas at the local zoo got to have a colonoscopy. I just think its important that people are not the only special ones to earn the privilege of a colonoscopy.

This ugly picture is of the amaryllis I planted the other day. It is just beginning to show a little bit of progress. If I did it right, it will bloom around the holidays but not during the week we are in California visiting relatives. (This is way more complicated than getting all the dishes on the table at the same time for a dinner party.)

Yesterday, I made it to the gym again. It was a rainy day so I didn't want to walk outside. As a result, I am tired and sore today. I also went to work and out with a friend. I did waste too much time on the internet so today I have to do work for sure. I also am going out to lunch - how's that for fun? But I also have to go for a walk - flabbiness prevention.

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