Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hair adventures

Yesterday morning I noticed that I have gray hairs that are only pigment deprived on the ends. This leaves me to believe that more of them will go away with subsequent hair cuts and my hair will not have as many 'distinguished' strands as it currently does. Yesterday also featured the return of Dr Seuss character hair. It was suggested by my husband that I post of daily picture of my hair and ask readers to pick the Dr. Seuss character it most closely resembles. I told him that was not an option.

Also, yesterday the cat had a big adventure. He got out again (still thinks he is an outdoor cat - a little snow on the ground will cure that) and terrorized the neighbor's cat. Apparently the other cat was in his yard under his bushes watching his bird feeder. This made him mad so he started harassing the other cat by chasing it and beating him up. Shere Khan is larger than the other cats and runs faster and has a longer reach so clearly it is a one sided battle. (For the record, Shere Khan is a featherweight at 15 lbs and can reach the kitchen counter with his paws. Average cats weight 8 lbs.) The other cat was trying to be safe from him by hiding in the bushes since he couldn't out run him or out fight him. I solved his problem by bringing out kitty treats and distracting Shere Khan (and making him come back inside where he belongs). Now he is still mad and wants to go outside and protect his lawn and his bird feeder again. (But since I have kitty treats, I will prevail in this little battle.)

Now here is another example of the misleading media. In today's paper was an article which says South West Airlines is reducing December plane fares. How exciting! We are flying to California on South West in December. But then the fine print says 'only for flights in the first two weeks of December and then again in early January'. So I was all excited for nothing.

In addition, there was article about breast cancer and vitamin intake. It states that a new study contradicts a study announced last spring that increasing Vitamin D and calcium intake can help prevent breast cancer. Well I could have told them this, I have taken extra Vitamin D and calcium for years because of my thyroid issues and to prevent osteoporosis and I still got breast cancer and have osteopenia. They didn't need a study, they could just have asked me. (Because I am so smart and have so much overwhelming medical knowledge). Based on my personal history, I can tell you also that Caucasian women living in an industrialized country have a higher rate of breast cancer as well. See how much I know?

Today I have to go for a walk, do work from home, and go to work. I also have to remember to bring my camera to work. Can I do this? I am not sure. I have an electronic reminder on my computer but can I remember this long enough to get my camera into my purse and take it with me??? Also, today is filming day. I will find out more about that later this afternoon.

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