Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The common cold conspiracy

I met a friend for coffee yesterday and we were talking about cancer (Yes we talked about other things to but since we both had cancer, we get to talk about it. Cancer people get to openly discuss cancer and ailments and doctor visits because we aren't scared of hearing the word cancer again from a doctor. They already said it to us once and we hope not to hear it again but sometimes that happens.)

Anyway, we were talking about cancer and we were talking about that other incurable ailment - the common cold. I know I have written about this before (the last time I had a cold I wrote about this, I don't have a cold right now but do have some sniffles which may be allergies). There are many similarities between cancer and the common cold. They don't know what causes it, they don't have a cure for it, and they just throw a bunch of drugs your way to deal with the symptoms. Regardless both ailments result in multi-billion dollar industries nationally. they are huge.

I mean what is the size of the Kleenex (i'm sorry the facial tissue) industry these days anyway? During cancer, chemotherapy causes you to lose your nose hairs and your eye lashes so your nose and eyes run constantly hence the need for lots of kleenex. (You also need lots of kleenex to recover from those doctor visits which bring bad news.) During a cold, you are constantly blowing your nose as well. Perhaps the common cold/cancer things are just a conspiracy by the kleenex industry to stay in business. How much would their industry shrink if they weren't needed for colds and cancer? Hmmmm... Ever think of that? No I bet you didn't. (Now I feel like the guy in the movie 'Sneakers' who thought everything was a conspiracy.) I am not blaming anyone here, its just my warped mind going down some weird track as I sit here with the sniffles in a house that is getting dangerously low on kleenex.

Yesterday was freezing cold. We hit a high of 19 degrees or something tropical like that. And it was windy so it felt really cold. I went to the gym instead of walking outside. Today they promise it will be warmer so I will go for a walk later. But first I have to take the car to the garage to see if they can fix it to pass inspection (without costing a small fortune). I will also work from home and go to work. In addition, I have a list of calls and stuff I need to do but keep forgetting. Its written down so there is hope I will actually get around to it sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

match the dog game and see what happens

btw your life is not boring lol

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