Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from California

We are having a nice vacation. We flew out through a snow storm (drove at 30 mph on the highway to get to the airport) but took off only about 45 minutes late - most other flights were canceled. Then we ran around the Las Vegas airport looking for our connection, which we thought we missed but it was delayed so we made it.

The weather here is warm. There are palm trees. There is snow in the mountains but rain here. Today we are having a big Christmas dinner. Tomorrow we go to Napa for the day - and its even supposed to stop raining. I am taking pictures and will post some when I get back.

We are in Rancho Cordova CA - where a house blew up yesterday in a gas explosion. We heard lots of sirens. Then we saw and heard the helicopter. We were fine. It was just the other side of the highway from our hotel. (Mental note to self: If you smell gas, get out of the house.)

I did break down and call the doctor for an appointment for my back. Why wait until I get home to see if she can fit me in so I decided to call this week from here? That was great logic but she has lots of appointments this week but is unavailable next week so I will see someone else. But I will see a doctor and maybe find out a reason for this so I can stop living on advil. So much for my three month doctor vacation. Its two back to back six week vacations instead.

Anyway, merry Christmas to all!

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