Friday, December 5, 2008

Its the burning question!

We all want to know but no one can tell us. The question is - how long do we have? No one knows. Our doctors can't tell us. There is no way to figure this out. Until now. As further proof that everything can be found on the internet. (What did we do before the internet - I think we made things up and went to the library.) Its also further proof that the internet is a giant time suck but that is a story for another day.

If you go to you can find out how long you have. then if you go to you can find out your 'Real Age'. I find it very interesting that AARP thinks my age is 10 years less than my chronological age and that I should live to be 95. However my Real Age is 15 years more than my chronological age.

So now I have two polar opposites in answers. Which one is correct? I have no idea. What did this exercise accomplish? More time wasting on the internet. Which one should I believe? The one that I want to! Or perhaps a combination of the two - which still gives me another thirty years or so. (Or I can continue to claim I am 29 and that would give me another 60 years.)

Anyway, today I have yet another busy day. I worked again last night and today I am tired. Unfortunately I have things to do like - work, volunteer work, take the car for an oil change, meet a friend for a walk, run some errands. Perhaps I should fit in taking a nap. But I am not sure I have time. What I do have time for is to pack.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Maine overnight with some friends. We go to Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, ME (home of the Bushes but we won't see them). Prelude involves lots of shopping in stores who provide snacks all day long, we also go to a local restaurant for lobster rolls, and end by singing Christmas carols by candlelight with 1000 other people in a giant field, while eating hot roasted chestnuts (a/k/a freezing with friends). Then we go back to our ocean front hotel room (open door to deck over cold North Atlantic in December - its rather chilly but means I can walk on the beach on Sunday) and have snacks and wine. This means I will make a massive dent in my remaining Christmas shopping.

Sunday I will return home but of course it is supposed to snow. Nothing like an 80 mile drive in a snow storm to increase the blood pressure. They are now talking about flurries with some bursts of snow but they don't think it will be any significant accumulation. But that is tomorrow. Today I need to motivate and work, and do all sorts of stuff.

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