Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sound effects

The cat and all his sound effects have been returned to our house (after a very fur filled car ride). He goes click-click, click-click, click-click when he walks (so much for sneaking up on the mousies) because his claws need trimming. Then there is the snoring. He snores like a buzz saw. He very thoughtfully sticks his nose in my ear while sleeping and snores away. It is most restful (not). We also have the purring issue. It can be difficult to watch TV with him purring loudly but he is showing us how much he likes being home with us. Last, he makes a weird little grumbling noise to protest things. If he is sleeping on you and you need to move, he will stay there but grumble a bit. So much for peace and quiet.

Today I am off to the doctor. (How fun.) I have my list for the new doctor to fill her in on my 'brief' medical history. I also have a book, today's paper (because I overslept and didn't have a chance to read it), a bottle of water, and my shopping list for the mall (that is temporarily in a 'safe' place). I was hoping for a three month doctor break but it is only six weeks due to my back. Grrr... But then maybe I won't have any appointments in January. (That is looking a bit doubtful because if they want to do any tests or follow up, I assume it will be in January because there really isn't that much December left). Grr, grr, grr.

After the doctor, because I have not punished myself enough, I get to go to the mall. I need a few last Christmas things - family Christmas will be celebrated Thursday - and I need to return a couple of things and see if CPR can be performed on my cell phone. When I come home, I am sure I will be a in a peachy keen mood and will need to go for a walk to recover.

Yesterday I did go for a walk and pretended to clean the house. Today I will also have to do better at house cleaning. I am sure that will improve my mood as well.

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