Sunday, December 28, 2008

We've returned

We are safely home from CA with a pile of laundry, a million pictures to down load, and possibly a little jetlag. We'll just say that when we paid at the parking garage at the airport it was after 1am. Why I am awake is a mystery but I woke up and was accused of being 'perky'. So I did a little unpacking (removed the dirty laundry from one suitcase) and made coffee. Oh, and watered the plants.

All in all, we had a successful trip. We left in a snowstorm and the majority of it has nicely melted away while we were gone. We also enjoyed spending time with Walter's family. We did some local adventures in Sacramento and then went up to Placerville, in the foothills (halfway to Tahoe), and also spent a day at the wineries in Napa. We went to Mumm, Chandon, and Hess and sampled some quite yummy wine. We also had a nice Christmas day and dinner.

The travel portion of our trip was somewhat eventful. The snowstorm on the way out made us get one of the only flights in or out that day - and waiting for deicing always adds to the excitement. The return flight featured one of the longest, bumpiest approaches into an airport in a rainstorm/fog bank/clouds and hardest landings in a long time (BAM - we were there!) We did arrive only an hour late.

Today to compensate, I will be tired and crabby and take a nap at some point. I have had probably 5 hours of sleep but am not good at this sleeping late business.

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