Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yesterday even the cat had a bad day

I didn't have what we call a stellar day yesterday. As a result I was crabby. Because I was crabby, my husband was crabby. It started off with I didn't sleep well, had a bad dream, and then things went down hill. I rushed home from my walk for a phone interview, that was late. I rushed home from work, for a conference call (and skipped another meeting because of it), and wasn't needed. I was crabby.

The cat's day was worse. He likes to sit in the front entry way. Sometimes I put him in there and let him 'supervise' the bird feeders for an hour or so. (He can't annoy me when he is 'supervising' out there.) But yesterday morning, UPS delivered a couple of packages while he was in the front entry and scared the crap out of him. They basically just open the door and throw the packages in the front entry. He was very upset and yowling. So I let him in. Then he immediately wanted to go back out there. Make up your mind! Are you scared of the UPS delivery person or not?

The word for today is: public transportation. This is for the Big 3 automakers as they go back to Washington to ask for a bail out. I have heard they will fly commercial instead of their separate private jets. (Perhaps they should have carpooled.) Personally, I don't think they get it. You can't spend money on corporate jets (or exclusive overseas retreats for AIG executives) and expect good press. This is like the teenager who wants more allowance but also wants their parents to buy them all the designer clothing at full price on top of that.

Anyway, I will make every effort to put all crabbiness aside today. I have a lot to do - including getting an inspection sticker for my car - and work from home, go to work, and do a bunch of other stuff.

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