Monday, December 15, 2008

Learning more from the daily paper

First of all the quote of the day was President Bush on the shoe throwing Iraqi reporter. He said "He just wanted to be on television. I don't know what his beef was." Hmmm, George, perhaps he is a bit perturbed with his country being invaded by the US military. Or perhaps he doesn't like you and your politics. This could be a very long list. Not everyone wants to be your friend just because you are the US president (but only for 35 more days).

Now here's another news flash. Using the internet is encouraged to understand what medical ailments you have but you should include your doctor in the mix. In other words, don't self diagnose yourself into having a brain tumor - let your doctor tell you. From the patient's perspective it is actually kind of nice having lots of medical information at your fingertips but sometimes information overload does happen.

Also, who am I to decide by reading something online that is what I have. For example, I just went to the symptom checker on the Mayo Clinic's website. I put in hip pain that is dull and triggered by every day activities. This gives me a list of potential ailments: bursitis, hip labral tear, osteoarthritis, rhuematoid arthritis, avascular necrosis and tendinitis. So which one do I have? (Well, I know I have bursitis). I leave it up to the doctor to tell me because I have no idea of how to differentiate between these. They went to medical school, not me. You can do this for hours. Pick a symptom - sniffles - is it a cold, allergies, bubonic plague? If you are bored, its another way to waste time on the internet.

I have been checking the paper and there have been no reports if the missing emu found its way home. However, there are still lots of people with no power around here. Also, the accused Boston city councilor who originally had rallies to push his innocence in the corruption charges, has asked for a news blackout on his case. From rallies to a news blackout. Now that's a u-turn.

Finally, the last story of the day is the great acorn shortage. They (being the bunch of scientists) don't know why but do you have acorns in your yard? We certainly didn't. Actually, they do think its cyclical and last year was a bumper crop of acorns so the year after that is always a low production year. Also this year the rains also hurt the acorns. See now we can all feel smarter with all these little news flashes.

Otherwise, not much going on. Yesterday we went for a walk and then did a bunch of stuff around the house. Today I am meeting a friend for a walk, will work from home, and then go to work. I do need to call my doctor today. I called last week for a refill on a prescription and want to switch to the mail order service because its cheaper but, in checking this weekend, I found the refill was never called in. I was hoping not to deal with doctors at all for a few months. Grr.

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